American car repair features

Where can I repair a car from the USA? A similar question is of interest to more and more car enthusiasts in our country, who preferred to buy a car at one of the famous American auctions and imported it to Ukraine.

The popularity of American cars of various classes is steadily growing, and motorists are not stopped by the existing damage to vehicles after accidents. Most of these cars can be repaired fairly quickly and on a budget if you choose the right car service.

Is it profitable to buy a car from America and then make repairs? It all depends on the situation: the type and nature of the damage, the availability of spare parts for repairs, the time and money that you plan to spend matters.

Proper auto restoration from America is offered by many specialized companies. In the future, you can use their services in terms of maintenance of repaired cars.

What should be considered by a car buyer from the USA? What car parts require repair, and what are the main types of repair work? Why do American car owners prefer to buy new cars without investing in car repairs even after minor accidents?

Features of car repair from the USA – expert opinion

Is it easy to repair an American car? It should be understood that almost all imported cars from the United States are cars bought cheaply at auctions after an accident or the so-called “drowned”.

In the first case, the cars have varying degrees of damage to the body and internal elements. Repairs in the US are quite expensive for the owner, so in most situations he uses auto insurance and buys a new car.

“Drowned” can be a real “dark horse”, since cars that have stood in the water for a long time usually have an ideal appearance, but there are problems with the interior (fungus, mold) and with the electrics. In the worst case, an overhaul or even a complete replacement of the engine will be necessary.

How Much Does a Car Repair Cost from the USA?

This is determined by many nuances:

  • the nature and type of existing damage;
  • delivery distance from the place of the auction to the seaport;
  • the need for additional costs in addition to repairs.

What is meant by additional costs? Vehicles from the US often require replacement lighting components to meet European regulations and standards.

In addition, sometimes it is necessary to adjust the direction of the headlights, replace part of the dashboard due to differences in metric systems (instead of kilometers – miles, instead of degrees Celsius – degrees Fahrenheit).

The difficulties of repair and its high cost may also lie in the lack of necessary spare parts, which sometimes have to wait for weeks, ordering them directly from the USA. However, in the past few years, this problem has become less relevant due to the increase in the number of American cars on our roads and, accordingly, the development of component logistics.

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