Body polishing – where to start?

Most vehicle owners want their cars to always look like they just left the car assembly line at the factory or car showroom. However, over the years, unsightly scuffs and scratches can appear on the paintwork.

Due to UV exposure to solar radiation, the color of the car body fades over time, and the paint loses its brightness. This is why many car owners are increasingly considering polishing the surface of their car body.

You can do the process yourself or contact a detailing company that will professionally take care of the appearance of the car for a fee. If you decide to save money, you should consider buying the appropriate drugs and take on this task yourself. Where to start polishing the body?

Thorough cleaning before polishing

The first important step to take before polishing your car is to thoroughly wash the body of the car. It is not recommended to use brush car washes due to the coarse sand particles that are removed from the body and thus cause numerous scratches visible on the car surface.

Therefore, you should start washing the body yourself, not forgetting to use active foam. You should also pay attention to the selection of the appropriate accessories needed for washing the car body. A microfiber glove is best. It is also important to wash your car using the two-bucket method, with shampoo in the first bucket and clean rinse water in the second.

Grinding? Only when needed!

When we are dealing with the so-called “orange peel” on the surface of the body, before moving on to polishing the car, it is necessary to get rid of this uneven texture. This can be done by hand using grinding wheels and an orbital sander.

It is best to use such equipment suitable for processing large flat surfaces, but if we are talking about places where there are kinks in the body, then it is worth sanding these surfaces manually.

Body Polishing – Applying Appropriate Preparations

After the surface of the car is leveled and thoroughly cleaned, you can proceed to the application of appropriate preparations from well-known manufacturers. A quality polishing paste is a highly abrasive product that perfectly removes:

  • visible scratches;
  • chipped paint;
  • abrasions;
  • all kinds of defects on the car body.

To apply the paste, you will need a polishing sponge. At the same time, the use of professional polishing paste and its application to the surface should not cause difficulties even for inexperienced people.

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