Car painting – pros and cons

Like most things, painting has its pros and cons. We are well aware that there is no perfect solution that would satisfy every car user. However, it is really worth checking whether and what are the disadvantages of traditional car painting.

Car painting through the eyes of professionals

From an expert point of view, painting a car is the most durable and best way to change the color of a car compared to other methods. Automotive paint is the most resistant coating to mechanical damage.

Moreover, this is the most affordable service that puts car painting in the first place in terms of affordability and durability, if, of course, it is done professionally. We should not forget that when painting it is very easy to make mistakes, as a result of which unwanted defects may appear.

Of course, painting a car is not without flaws. This is a very time-consuming procedure that requires precision and experience. Moreover, it should be noted that most often during paint repairs they work with individual elements of the body, because changing the color of the entire car is not always a cost-effective solution.

Painting a car through the eyes of a car owner

Which car owner has never thought about changing the color of their car? Most of them fully share the opinion of experts that painting is the most durable and widely available method of changing the color of a car body.

The advantage of this method is:

  • efficiency of execution;
  • paint resistance to external influences;
  • effect that can be obtained;
  • unlimited imagination to get the original color.

However, for many owners of four wheels, painting a car pays off only if individual elements of the body are treated or a car that is no more than 6 years old. Here, however, we should mention a group of automotive enthusiasts and hobbyists for whom the price does not play a role. They invest in their hobby, and they can repaint cars many times, no matter the cost.

Cons of Painting

They are expressed mainly by serious costs and unprofitability in the case of old cars. Out of a desire to save money, it often happens that they are not looking for professionals, but for those who offer their services at the lowest price.

Of course, not always affordable cost means questionable quality of service, but in most cases it is. This is expressed in the appearance of defects in the paintwork or poor durability of the applied coating. Another disadvantage that can be mentioned is the long waiting time for the service, which is not suitable for everyone. Especially for those who do not like to part with their car for a week or two.

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