Complete car soundproofing: what is it and is it worth it?

Noise isolation is one of the most important elements of comfort in a car. The poor quality of the factory sound insulation, as well as its wear and tear, can cause discomfort during the trip. In this article, we will tell you what is included in the complete soundproofing of a car, how it is installed, how the weight of the soundproofing affects fuel consumption, and whether it is worth doing the soundproofing of a car.

What is included in the complete soundproofing of a car?

Complete car soundproofing includes the installation of soundproofing materials on all surfaces of the car body, as well as on the inside of the doors, floor, ceiling and trunk. These materials have a special structure that allows you to absorb noise waves, reducing the noise load in the car.

How is soundproofing installed?

Sound insulation is installed on special machines, where the material is cut to the desired size and shape. Then it is glued to the surface of the car using special adhesives. Installation of noise insulation can take from several hours to several days, depending on the model of the car and its size.

Influence of noise insulation weight on fuel consumption

One of the most common questions when installing soundproofing is how the weight of the material will affect the vehicle’s fuel consumption. In fact, the installation of noise insulation can increase the weight of the car by several kilograms, but this effect on fuel consumption is not significant. Fuel consumption will increase by 1-2%, which is a small price to pay for comfort and reduced noise load in the car.

Is It Worth Doing Auto Soundproofing?

What are the results? Installing soundproofing the car reduces noise in the cabin, which significantly increases comfort during the trip. However, it is important to understand that the effect of installing soundproofing can be subjective and depend on individual preferences and perception of sounds. In addition, installing soundproofing can be quite expensive and in some cases may not be practical.

If you often use your car for long distances or often find yourself in a noisy urban environment, soundproofing may be a good solution for you. However, if you rarely drive long distances or only use your car for short trips, sound deadening may not be necessary.

The wear and tear of the soundproofing is also a factor to consider when deciding whether to install soundproofing. If the sound insulation has been installed incorrectly or worn out, it can lead to deterioration of its properties and inefficiency.


Complete soundproofing of the vehicle can improve driving comfort and reduce noise pollution inside the vehicle. However, the effect of installing soundproofing can be subjective, and the cost and wear of soundproofing are also important factors in the decision to install. In general, the installation of car soundproofing is an individual decision for each car owner, which must be made based on specific needs and preferences.

If you decide to install noise insulation on your car, be sure to contact professional installers to ensure proper installation and maximum efficiency. When choosing a material for soundproofing, consider its quality and properties, such as density and thickness, which will affect the effectiveness of soundproofing.

Although the installation of noise insulation can increase the weight of the car and affect fuel consumption, these factors can be offset by a more comfortable and enjoyable ride, especially over long distances.

As for the poor quality of the factory noise isolation, this can be a problem for some cars. If you find that the factory soundproofing is insufficient, then installing additional soundproofing can solve this problem.

In general, whether or not to install soundproofing on a car depends on your needs and preferences. However, if you often drive long distances or live in a noisy city, soundproofing can be a good solution to improve comfort during your trip. Be sure to consult a professional for proper soundproofing installation and choose quality materials to ensure maximum performance.

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