How long does it take to replace a windshield?

Are there cracks, chips, scratches on your car windshield? Is there a water leak on the front panel of the car? Have visual distortions appeared that prevent you from correctly assessing the situation on the road?

Experienced drivers should know when to replace the windshield, which plays an important role in driving safety and comfort. The windshield must provide perfect visibility, withstand impacts from foreign objects or thermal stress.

When can a windshield be repaired and when should it be replaced?

The windshield replacement process involves the purchase of a new part, which can be a problem if there is a lack of finances. However, sometimes some types of damage can be repaired without replacing the glass. Chips and cracks that are not in the driver’s field of vision, are not large and are located at a distance of at least 10 cm from the edge of the glass, can and should be repaired.

Scratched glasses that are severely damaged must be replaced, since their regeneration is ineffective. If you decide to replace them, it is better to bet on a good specialized workshop. Professional glass services have access to various brands and offer a full range of services at an affordable price.

Windshield replacement for customer’s car

How long does it take to replace a windshield? As a rule, with the appropriate spare part, the entire replacement procedure takes from 2 to 4 hours using a specialized tool and a special adhesive with sealants.

If you do not have the opportunity to deliver the car to the service, some companies provide field services. In this case, a repair bead with the necessary glass and tools is sent to the specified address. The time to complete the work increases due to the need to travel.

How to check if the windshield has been installed accurately? The guarantee of proper installation is the choice of a professional service, whose specialists have the necessary skills and experience in installation, as well as use the appropriate equipment and consumables. After installation, a wind test is carried out.

If you order a replacement when the crew leaves, one of the conditions is good weather. If the car is outdoors and it is raining, a professional replacement will not work.

What to Keep in Mind After Windshield Replacement?

Do not get behind the wheel immediately: it takes some time for the glue to set properly. Do not forget about proper care and maintenance:

  • change wipers on time;
  • defrost glass with warm air and as little as possible with a mechanical scraper;
  • change the cabin filter in a timely manner to effectively evaporate moisture from the windshield;
  • use a glass cleaner without ammonia (this additive affects the life of the seals);
  • clean the washer nozzles (“dry” operation of the wipers with poorly moistened glass causes it to scratch).

Use chemicals to control insects adhering to the glass.

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