Restoration of body geometry

Restoration of body geometry

Moving around the city in a private car, it is quite problematic to avoid dents, chips, scratches and damage to the body. The main goal of body work is to return the body to a solid and presentable appearance.

What are "alarm bells"?

- the length of the spars does not match;
- crumpled motor shield or crossbar behind the passenger compartment;
- bent roof racks;
- doors sag or do not close tightly;
- the hood or trunk does not close well;
- the distance between the wheels is different;
- engine mounts are uneven, the motor is skewed.

What is the danger of ignoring the problem?

As a result of ignoring the "alarm bells", the vehicle will be difficult to control and unstable on the road, as will accelerated and uneven tire wear. In many cases, the car behaves on the road as if the "alignment" has been violated, however, it will be impossible to simply fix the problem by adjusting the wheel alignment and other adjustments.

Diagnostics before recovery includes several stages:

- visual diagnostics;
- measurement of diagonals;
- rechecking the symmetry of the wheels.
With the help of a system of complex fasteners that are attached to certain points, the car frame is being repaired. The most important stage of repair is carried out when the points are exposed to bring them into the desired position. The procedure itself is implemented carefully so as not to violate the basic properties of the material. In order to make sure of the success of the work, the master, after the control points are in the planned coordinates, will carry out the final measurement. The last stage of the repair refers to the local or complete painting of the vehicle.

What are the causes of breakpoint shifts?

1. Accidents.
Damage to the body and its parts depends on the force of impact and many other factors. Even with the smallest accidents, an impact can provoke a geometry violation.
2. Improper operation of transport.
Even hitting a wheel in a pit at high speed or hitting a curb can cause the car's checkpoints to shift.
3. Poorly executed work to restore the body.
Motorists face this after buying a used car. In order to avoid this trouble, we recommend that you initially check the car before buying on special equipment.

What's the price?

The pricing policy is individual and depends on the level of complexity and volume of work performed. Only after a complete diagnosis of the car, you can calculate the final price.
Why Auto Master?
Restoration of body geometry is a complex process that must be trusted to the best specialists.
Our mechanics are real masters of their craft, have many years of experience, undergo quality certification and improve their skills. We also provide a guarantee for our work!

Choose the best - choose Auto Master!

With whom we have been working for more than a year. We are a certified service center with professional mechanics.

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