Scratch Removal

Removing scratches from Auto-Master

All motorists are faced with the fact that scratches appear due to careless driving and contact with a variety of surfaces.
Polishing is the best option to correct this problem.
You can fix scratches on the car body quickly enough and at the same time help the car look newer.

However, before polishing, you need to make sure that the scratch does not reach the paint.

How to check the depth of a scratch?

There are 2 options:
1. Run your fingernail at a right angle along the scratch and if it does not get stuck anywhere in the scratch, then you can polish.
2. Soak the scratch with water and if it becomes almost invisible, then it can also be polished.

How are scratches removed?

  • initially the car goes to the sink;
  • car drying;
  • grinding sandpaper;
  • primer;
  • application of abrasive paste;
  • polishing itself.
Why Auto Master?
If you want to quickly and efficiently remove scratches, the Auto Master car service will quickly and efficiently carry out all the necessary procedures!
Our mechanics are real masters of their craft, have many years of experience and pass quality certification, improve their skills.
Choose the best - choose Auto Master!

With whom we have been working for more than a year. We are a certified service center with professional mechanics.

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