Wheel painting

Wheel painting from Auto Master

Painted wheels are one of the best accessories for your car. You will not go unnoticed in the circle of motorists. Painted wheels give the car a completely new look. That is why we at Auto Master provide a new service - wheel painting!

Stages of painting alloy wheels:

1. Preliminary preparation: cleaning surfaces from the previous paint layer, removing damage and irregularities (scratches, chips and other damage).
2. Degreasing, phosphating (anti-corrosion layer), applying a primer.
3. Application/polymerization (at 200 C) of the powder composition - to obtain a matte, glossy or "velvet" finish.

Benefits of painting alloy wheels:

- disk coverage is restored;
- remove chips, scratches;
- creation of a resistant layer of staining;
- extension of disk usage;
- Improving the appearance of the car.

What materials are required?

- dye;
- primer to prepare for painting.
- a wire for a suspension bracket of disks;
- acrylic varnish for coating;
- sandpaper;
- degreaser;
- gloves.

What are the types of staining?

- liquid;
- powder coating of disks;
- painting discs with a groove.

What is included in the painting process?

1. Diagnosis of the disc and evaluation of the material. Identification of the degree of corrosion and deformation of the disk.
2. Special preparation of the disc for staining. This stage includes cleaning the surfaces of the discs from greasy stains and other contaminants.
3. Priming surfaces. The primer protects from moisture and salt, ensures uniform application of the coloring material to the disc. Painting discs without the necessary surface preparation is not possible.
4. Selection of materials and colors. In this process, fixing materials are used to obtain a durable and perfectly flat surface.
5. Painting discs. Masters choose the coloring composition and try to please the client's desires in color.
6. Use of a protective varnish. After painting the disc, it is necessary to apply a protective coating that will help the discs to last up to 20 years on average.
7. Acceptance of work.

Is it better to restore and paint old wheels than to buy new ones?

Naturally. Refurbished discs with impact-resistant coating will still reliably serve for at least 5-10 years. In the Auto Master car service, we use only original paints and sealants, we repair wheels of various diameters and cars of any brand and completely restore the damaged one quickly and efficiently.

What types of wheels are suitable for painting?

Most often, car owners paint alloy wheels. It is this procedure that is suitable for virtually every disc: from simple and unpretentious steel ones. after painting, they will look much more attractive.
Why Auto Master?
Restoration of body geometry is a complex process that must be trusted to the best specialists. Our mechanics are real masters of their craft, have many years of experience, undergo quality certification and improve their skills.

We also provide a guarantee for our work!

Choose the best - choose Auto Master!

With whom we have been working for more than a year. We are a certified service center with professional mechanics.

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