Stay mobile while your car is being repaired!
We are glad to announce that a service has appeared in the MB Master car service - car rental! The minimum rental period is 1 day! Prices - 600 UAH/day
Our advantages


Our experts will be able to quickly diagnose the performance of all systems of your transport and identify any malfunctions.


We work seven days a week in order to provide assistance to your car at any time convenient for you.


New equipment, combined with the professionalism of mechanics, will provide proper assistance to your car.


You can easily find us and easily get to our auto repair shop from anywhere in Kyiv and the region



Service name Passenger car Cost Range
Ceiling soundproofing installation from 3000 UAH
Installation of luggage compartment soundproofing from 4500 UAH
Installing floor soundproofing from 5500 UAH
Eliminate front panel squeaks from 4000 UAH
Complete car soundproofing from 30000 UAH

Reinforcing works

Service name Passenger car Cost Range
Replacement of the windshield glued from 2000 UAH
Replacement of glued side glass from 1500 UAH
Replacing the rear glued glass from 2000 UAH
Dismantling / installation and disassembly for painting:
Bumper front/rear from 1000 UAH
Front wing from 1000 UAH
Hood from 800 UAH
Door from 1000 UAH
Trunk lid from 1000 UAH
Part replacement and repacking:
Door from 2000 UAH
Hood from 1000 UAH
Trunk lid from 1500 UAH

Car polishing

Service name Passenger car Cost Range
Single piece polishing from 750 UAH
Headlight polishing from 800 UAH
Full car polish from 6500 UAH

Car painting

Service name Passenger car Cost Range
Front fender painting from 4500 UAH
Rear fender painting from 4500 UAH
One side door painting from 4500 UAH
Full door painting on both sides from 6500 UAH
One side hood painting from 6500 UAH
Hood painting on both sides from 7500 UAH
Front bumper painting from 4500 UAH
Rear bumper painting from 4500 UAH
Tailgate painting on one side from 5000 UAH
Tailgate painting on both sides from 7500 UAH
Roof painting from 8000 UAH
Threshold painting from 4500 UAH
Mirror painting from 1200 UAH
Full car painting from 85000 UAH

Computer diagnostics of a car

Service name Passenger car Cost Range
Computer diagnostics of a car 450 UAH
Body paint diagnostics 400 UAH
Diagnostics and refueling of the air conditioning system from 500 UAH

Car diagnostics for 799 UAH


With whom we have been working for more than a year. We are a certified service center with professional mechanics.

Body repair in Kyiv

What should be a modern auto service car? First of all, it should be a specialized car repair shop equipped with specialized tools and latest generation diagnostic equipment.

Repair and maintenance of cars can be quite a difficult task, so such work can only be entrusted to a professional team of auto mechanics who regularly improve their skills and have extensive experience in the automotive industry.

It is these requirements that Auto-master meets – a professional car service in the capital that provides comprehensive maintenance and repair services for cars of any brand. We will help owners of any modern car, ranging from urban small cars to heavy SUVs.

Our service station in Kyiv serves cars of all makes and models with conventional and hybrid engines (HEV, mHEV and PHEV). Thanks to close cooperation with well-known manufacturers, we always have the necessary tools and technologies for the comprehensive maintenance and repair of all of the above vehicles.

Why choose us

Our car service in Kyiv constantly monitors new trends and realities of the modern automotive market. To meet the high demands of our customers, auto mechanics of the Automaster service use the possibilities of professional training and advanced training courses.

In practice, this translates into the fact that Car Service Avtomaster provides a more efficient service and faster fault diagnosis, as well as greater efficiency and reliability of repairs than competitors. We rightly believe that every customer should expect optimal service.

Car Service Automaster is:

  • Warranty

All of our maintenance and repair services are warranted. When buying spare parts from us, you can also count on the automatic provision of a guarantee for components and consumables. We work with all major suppliers of original spare parts and their compatible counterparts.

  • Convenient location.

Our important advantage is also a convenient location for service customers, providing quick and convenient access. If necessary, you can also reach us by public transport, and you can pass the time in a comfortable waiting room.

  • A wide range of services.

STO Kyiv offers any repair and maintenance services, including computer diagnostics, technical inspection, elimination of problems with the chassis, suspension, transmission, engine, electrical, steering and so on.

The best car service station in the capital

It is enough to visit the Automaster service station in Kyiv once to make sure of the quality of our services. We realize that every little thing matters, so we pay attention to every aspect of customer service. We are convinced that, for example, the appearance of a car repair shop can say more about the quality of the services provided than hundreds of words.

Drivers arriving at a service station where they want to leave their car must pay attention to its condition and degree of cleanliness to a certain extent. A clean workshop with neatly arranged tools will always inspire more confidence in a potential client.

In our service, you will always receive documents confirming the service performed and a repair estimate before it starts. Our car service will always perform diagnostics of the car before starting repairs and answer any questions.

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