Headlight polishing

Blurred headlights: causes

After some time, all plastic headlights become cloudy. Among the main factors are the following:
- with prolonged exposure to sunlight on the surface of the plastic;
- due to dirt from under the wheels of other cars;
- due to wiping "dry", washing, branches, ice;
- through exposure to chemicals;
- in the presence of insect residues.

More about polishing

Headlight polishing - the restoration of the original transparency of the upper layer of the headlight. This process removes scratches, small chips and existing yellowing.
An important factor! With the help of polishing, the original state of the headlights is restored. This service will cost much more budget than repair.
At the same time, polishing itself can be carried out only in the case when there is a slight haze on the optics, small chips. In the presence of rough chips, grinding is applied.

Why is polishing necessary?

- Improving the quality of light;
- no need to purchase lamps;
- the original appearance returns;
- the appearance is preserved for 5-6 years.
Also, this process hides quite deep damage to the plastic headlight. For this purpose, the mechanic increases the speed of the polishing machine to warm it up a little. The plastic and the edge of the damage will become a little smooth, which will mask everything.
When handled professionally, polishing will not damage the protective layer of the headlight. For this purpose, heating of the plastic is usually replaced by cooling.

Scratch removal process

In order to permanently remove the damage, you need to completely remove the protective coating from the optics, sand the scratch and varnish the headlight. However, this procedure can hit the wallet hard.
Headlights from glass are already quite rare. Use a degreaser to hide minor damage. However, serious damage can only be removed by the sanding process. Sandpaper of different grain sizes is used here.
In our realities, foglights from glass are more common. However, our highways cause more significant damage to them. Stone marks and deep scratches are removed by sanding and subsequent polishing. At this stage, it is necessary to avoid overheating the double-glazed window, otherwise it may burst.

Learn more about the optical polishing process

There is some similarity between the process of polishing optics and the process of polishing a body. Like polishing the body, polishing the headlights has only three steps:
1. Cleansing the surface from dirt, because only cleaned areas are polished.
2. Isolation of the borders from the paste and for their preservation.
3. Polishing and grinding.
This stage can be replenished with various additional services. It all depends on the desire of the car owner himself.

The surface polishing process involves restoring the gloss by buffing the surface. After this stage, the brightness of the light beam returns, the headlight will look like new. This type is used for minor scratches if they were caused by: dust, dirt, cleaning the headlight with a dry cloth. If the body cleaning process is poorly performed, then polishing will also remove soap layers and stains.
For polishing you need:

1. Polishing machine;
2. Various abrasive wheels;
3. Polishing paste;
4. Microfiber towel.
First, in order to prepare the surface, the auto mechanic uses hard wheels, on which coarse-grained abrasive pastes are applied, which remove and even out bumps, scuffs, and roughness. To restore radiance, the smallest pastes and soft circles are used. In the final, we get a new headlight in all respects, which, as it has an excellent appearance, does an excellent job with its functions.

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